Democratic Party of Lane County

Keeping Lane County Blue in 2019 and beyond

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Get Ready for the Chili Cookoff!

After over a decade of DPLC Chili Cookoffs, this could be the year you take home the prize! From 12-3 p.m. on August 25 at Alton Baker Park, House Districts, campaigns, and organizations will compete for the Chili Cookoff trophy. Email to enter!


By the Numbers


Democratic Precinct Committee People in the DPLC. PCPs are the heart of our Party. They knock on doors, make phone calls, run our office - and elect Democrats. Click here to find out more about getting involved.


Voters registered in 2018 by Ron Wold and his team of super volunteers, who worked shifts outside the Eugene Public Library, at Saturday Market, and on campus to put the “participatory” in participatory democracy.


The progressive majority on the Lane County Commission since Heather Buch and Joe Berney were elected in 2018 and joined Pete Sorenson as Commissioners in 2019.


Door-Knocking, Phone-Calling,
Parade-Walking, Chili-Making

Check out our photo galleries to see what we’ve been up to lately.


Our Mission

The Democratic Party of Lane County is a people-powered, all-volunteer organization that prospers through the contributions of many like-minded individuals. We work hard to elect progressive Democrats to represent the people of Lane County both locally and nationally

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